SDG&E offers vehicle charging workshops

San Diego Gas & Electric is offering two on seminars on electric vehicle charging in October! A a seminar on workplace vehicle charging will be held on October 18th and seminars on charging in multi-unit dwellings will be held on October 25th. Details below

Seminar 1 | Tuesday, October 18
Plug-in Vehicles & Workplace
Charging Seminar
This seminar focuses on:

  • Charging equipment options, from
    standard outlets to DC Fast Charging
  • Important considerations for your
    workplace charging policy
  • Factors affecting utility billing costs
    for charging
  • Parking management, usage monitoring
    and pay-for-use options
  • Available incentives
  • Factors affecting installation costs

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Seminar 2 | Tuesday, October 25
What’s Involved When Residents Want to Charge a Plug-In Vehicle Within a Multi-Unit Dwelling Community?

Learn about the stakeholders involved, the
decision process flow and possible issues for multi-unit dwelling communities interested in the install- ation of vehicle charging units for electric cars.

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Matt Zerega is a Product Innovations Project Manager for SDG&E’s Clean Transportation group. He has a 4+ year academic background in automotive technology and over 15 years’ experience in global consulting, merchant power and utilities focusing on energy economics, financial analysis and information technology.

Joel Pointon is the Manager of Electric Transportation for SDG&E® and has initiated a national emphasis program on plug-in electric vehicle charging for multi-unit dwellings. He serves on a number national advisory panels for electric transportation and has presented on this topic extensively in California and the U.S.

Additional seminars will take place on November 30 and December 20.

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You can view a flyer for the workshops here.

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