EDCO Collecting Used Cooking Oil

The San Diego County based recycling and disposal company EDCO is now collecting vegetable oils and grease at all five of its recycling centers in the County for eventual conversion to biodiesel. The locations in La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Fallbrook, Ramona, and San Marcos will be accepting oil and grease during normal recycling hours and shipping it to New Leaf Biofuel, San Diego’s only local producer of biodiesel.

Fats, oils, and greases can cause sewer backups when poured down the drain,  but can be processed into a sustainable biofuel when properly collected. Restaurants can continue to enjoy grease collection service directly from New Leaf,  but now consumers have the chance to contribute to clean transportation fuels at the same time they drop off their recycling at any EDCO location.

2 thoughts on “EDCO Collecting Used Cooking Oil

  • New Leaf also accepts cooking oil from residents at its local plant in Barrio Logan, and Allied Waste collects oil at its Chula Vista yard. So if you are deep frying a holiday turkey or have a jar you’d like to keep out of the landfill/sewers, please give us a call. 619.236.8500

  • This is an example of a great solution for used cooking oil. It can be a real hassle to dispose of, and harmful to the environment if not done properly. In my area, we also have grease collection Cleveland TX service providers, making sure they collect grease safely, brought to recycling facilities so it can be processed then utilized, contributing to a cleaner planet.

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