CEC funds UCSD for EV charging and microgrid project

Today, the California Energy Commission approved an award to support UC San Diego’s growing microgrid and fund the integration of additional electric vehicle charging infrastructure on campus.

The campus will be hosting the largest and most diverse collection of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the nation, with charge for fleet, employee, and public use. San Diego County-based Alternative Energy Systems Consulting, Inc. will be working with AeroVironment and RWE to install smart Level 2 charging stations for fleet and employee use, as well as public DC fast chargers.  The new stations will bring the total on campus to more than 50. The stations will be a model of efficient charging integration with the campus’ award-winning microgrid.

UCSD’s microgrid serves as a model for integrating smart energy technologies in a flexible, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way.  The microgrid integrates solar, fuel-cell, and conventional generation, with advanced energy storage and demand management to meet campus energy needs at a lower cost and better environmental performance than standard sources of power. The $1.6 million dollar award by the Commission complements previous investments and awards that have helped the campus lower its energy bills by up to $800,000 per month. You can read more about UCSD’s efforts on the official CEC announcement.

UCSD operates one of the green university fleets in the nation, with more than half of its 800 vehicle fleet running on alternative fuels, such as compressed natural gas, biodiesel and electricity.

The Clean Cities Coalition is proud to work with UCSD in promoting clean energy technologies. Congratulations!

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