City of Santee receives new fleet of CNG waste management vehicles

Waste Management of San Diego has begun to replace its first generation fleet of liquefied natural gas trucks in service in the City of Santee with compressed natural gas trucks. Two of the 12 CNG trucks have already been deployed, and the other 10 vehicles expect to be released into service by the end of the month.

The replacement is part of Waste Management’s commitment to the City of Santee. According to Bill Bixler, district manager of Waste Management of San Diego, “Santee is forward-thinking when it comes to sustainability and we are continuing our investment in the community by replacing our older natural gas vehicles with the latest CNG-powered model.”

Waste Management is working to make its routes and fleets more efficient to reduce the amount of emissions released and miles driven. Through the implementation of route optimization software, trucks will reduce driving time by several million hours each year company-wide. Moreover, all truck engines are programmed to shut down automatically after idling for five minutes to save fuel and further reduce emissions.  To see the full article, click here.

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