Propane Landscaping Equipment Workshop


On December 8, the San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition hosted a propane landscaping equipment workshop for local lawn care professionals. The workshop featured the benefits of converting to propane-powered lawn mowers, including significant savings in cost and greenhouse gas emissions. Speakers from SDRCCC, Amerigas, and Expo Propane offered their expertise.

The workshop began with a presentation from Clean Cities Coordinator Kevin Wood on the basics of propane compared to gasoline, the availability of propane fueling stations in San Diego County, and additional resources including station locations and the latest propane research. Patrick Haefner, the national sales manager at Metro Lawn, addressed the various environmental, political, and economic benefits of converting to propane mowers and Metro Lawn’s propane conversion process. Some potential economic savings include fuel costs, maintenance, and reduced fuel pilferage and spillage, while a conversion to propane reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30 percent. Steve Moore of Expo Propane gave the closing remarks on overall benefits and incentives for switching to propane before the workshop concluded with a showcase of one of Metro Lawn’s propane-powered commercial mowers.

Thank you to all who attended and helped make the event a success. The presentations and contact information for our speakers are available below.

Clean Cities Introduction to Propane

Metro Lawn Presentation

Speaker Contacts
Kevin Wood –
San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition


Michelle Heaton –


Steve Moore –
Expo Propane

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