Chevy Volt Won’t Qualify for HOV Lane or $5,000 Rebate in California By Colin Bird

When hybrids first hit the streets in numbers a decade ago, a huge advantage to owning one was getting a pass to drive on California’s coveted high-occupancy vehicles lanes, which are otherwise reserved for carpools. Hybrids became too plentiful years ago and lost that right, but Nissan’s new Leaf, an electric car, has been designated azero-emission[…]

Welcome New Board Members

Jennifer Case, CEO of New Leaf Biofuels, and Paul Manasjan, Director of Environmental Affairs San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, have accepted the invitation to join our Board of Directors.  Also a delayed welcome to Heather Shepard, Partner in Wiser Ventures, a recent addition to the board who has already started contributing to the Coalition[…]