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There are many ways to reduce a company’s carbon footprint, but it isn’t necessarily restricted to business activities. Allowing and encouraging employees to carpool to and from work is easy and beneficial in that it promotes an environmentally friendly attitude while bringing employees closer together. iCommute is an excellent example of the San Diego regions efforts in this area, and while there are alternatives such as ZimRide, iCommute is locally ‘grown’ and offers a ‘Guaranteed Ride Home’. Please read below, visit the website: www.icommutesd.com , email: carpool@sandag.org , or call (619) 688-6489 for more information.

iCommute San Diego : SANDAG

Share your daily commute and save! Carpooling is a fast and easy way to reduce your commuting costs by 50 percent or more. Share driving costs and avoid traffic as you cruise along in the carpool lanes or I-15 Express Lanes, which carpoolers can use for free. Park and Ride lots also are free and are a great place to meet your carpool or vanpool. You’ll save time and money, save wear and tear on your car, and help to save the planet. Your employer may even have a designated carpool parking spot waiting for you.


With RideMatcher, your ride share partner is just a click away.RideMatcher is your green light to enjoy all the benefits of carpooling. RideMatcher is a database of thousands of commuters looking for carpool partners just like you – friends, neighbors, and co-workers who live and work where you do. To get your free, personalized list of potential rideshare partners, sign up for RideMatcher today.


Log your trips. Track your savings. Get more green. If you carpool, you can track the savings to your wallet and the environment with TripTracker. TripTracker allows you to log your trips, then instantly see both your financial and your environmental savings.

By going green you can actually get green. By using TripTracker on a routine basis, you’ll be eligible to be entered in monthly prize drawings. Plus, the more you log your trips with TripTracker, the more your savings will add up. Not only will you see what you save, but you’ll help to prove that the San Diego region is growing greener over time. That can literally mean more funding for transportation programs like new HOV lanes.

Guaranteed Ride Home

No worries. You won’t get stranded. By carpooling three or more times each week, you also can take advantage of the Guaranteed Ride Home program, ensuring that you’ll always be able to get home when you need to.

Park and Ride Lots

Just park and go. Conveniently located throughout the region, Park and Ride lots are free and a great place to meet your carpool or vanpool.

For more information about Park and Ride lots throughout the region, please contact Mike Roy, Caltrans District 11 Park & Ride Coordinator, at (619) 688-6489.

For more information, dial 511 and say ‘iCommute’ or e-mail carpool@sandag.org.

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