EV Battery Standards

Good news from the SAE publication, Automotive Engineering International, September 7, 2010, issue, AEI-Online.org, page 10, “SAE standards bring order to EV battery world.”  140 volunteers from 80 countries has joined the Battery Standards Committee. Each of 10 taskforces is working to develop a new standard.  Here are the ones identified:

  1. J2929 – Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion Battery System Safety Standard
  2. J1798 – Recommended Practice for Performance Rating of Electric Vehicle Battery Modules
  3. J2758 – Determination of Maximum Available Power from a Rechargeable Energy Storage System on a Hybrid Electric
  4. J2936 – Vehicle Battery Labeling Guidelines
  5. J2946 – Battery Electronic Fuel Gauging Recommended Practices
  6. J2950 – Recommended Practices (RP) for Transportation and Handling of Automotive-type Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems (RESS)
  7. J537 – Storage Batteries

“People’s lives and livelihoods depend upon our expertise as a group of industry professionals to write these standards correctly,” said Robert Gaylen, Chair of SAE’s Battery Standards Committee and General Manager of the Batteries and Materials testing Group ii the newly formed E-Car group at Magma.

Tom Bartley

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