Green Shredding

Chris Reynolds, CEO of Green Shredders, was tired of being charged exorbitant amounts of money for shredding a single box of documents. Traditional shredding companies just did not support small-sized shredding projects. Thus, to help companies and individuals with small shredding jobs, he came up with Green Shredding.

Green Shredding is located in downtown San Diego and has a fleet of two CNG vans and two small electric vehicles. When Reynolds first created the business, he felt that it was important to make it as environmentally-friendly as possible. So when he saw CNG vans in government auctions, he jumped on the opportunity to create his green fleet. Even the diesel shredding truck in their downtown shredding facility will hopefully be converted into CNG by the year’s end.

The fleet drives around San Diego County to pick up items (of any size!) that need shredding or getting rid of: everything from paper and clothing to CDs and office supplies. Everything that is shredded in their downtown facility is then recycled and office supplies are donated to programs serving underprivileged school children.

When the company first began in 2005, internet marketing was the primary way for Reynolds to increase public awareness. Now, Green Shredding has over 2,000 unique customers a year, and 80% of their services are provided for return customers. There must be something they’re doing right.

To get in touch with them for your shredding needs, visit their website!


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