Betting on Battery Breakthroughs

The demand for new battery technology for EVs and large scale power storage is driving investment and entrepreneurs into battery technology and development.  There are several new start-ups working on new battery chemistry, nanotechnology, and high density structures for EVs and the grid.  Several of these new startups are receiving grant funding from the DOE while others are strictly venture funded.

It is widely known that iprieto batterymproving battery storage capacity, charge time, and discharge time are key drivers for the continued advancement and adoption of EVs. With the readily available funding and expanding scientific research, advancements in the technology are not far away.

However, these advancements can’t come soon enough for Chevy and Nissan. With both the Volt and Leaf failing to meet their expected sales volumes for 2012, they are dropping the prices and offering very attractive lease options for these vehicles.  Now is an excellent time to buy an EV or PHEV with leases under $200 for the Leaf.  Honda is also providing great incentives for the Civic CNG, which includes a $3,000 debit card to use for fueling your new Honda at any Clean Energy gas station.

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