Alt-fuel articles from around the web

Here are some articles about what’s been happening with some alternative fuels in the last week.

For fuel cells, GM and Honda announced they would collaborate on fuel cell development (NY Times) while Toyota hopes to repeat its Prius success with fuel cells –  Toyota to offer fuel cell vehicle in 2015 (SF Chronicle).

As for EVs, despite being the Nissan Leaf’s second best sales month on record, the Chevy Volt outsold the Leaf in June (LA Times).  But the success of both has been good for EVSE manufacturers and suppliers (LA Times), and owners of either can now choose a Bosch wireless charging stations (Autoblog Green). Meanwhile, Tesla receives hundreds of orders in Hong Kong. (Bloomberg)

Biofuels investment is at a seven year low as BP blames cost (FuelFix).  If only someone could figure out how to turn all this algae in China into biofuel (LA Times).

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