Westport Webinar Aug 8th – Making the Shift to Natural Gas: Best Practices for Fleets

Westport, a leader in natural gas engines, has just announced its next free webinar aimed at helping fleets shift to using natural gas.  This looks to be a potentially beneficial hour for any fleet manager considering making the switch to natural gas vehicles.

Westport’s email announcement states:

  • Making the Shift to Natural Gas: Best Practices for Fleets,” is an online, at-your-desk event on August 8, 2013, from 10:00am – 11:00am PST.
  • Learn about the practical considerations your organization needs to make to adopt natural gas vehicles, including: driver and technician training, maintenance practices, preparing your facility and shop and educating your organization and community.
  • This session will also feature a useful case study from a fleet that’s already made the switch to natural gas vehicles.
  • The webinar will be hosted by Konrad Komuniecki, Senior Director of Operations at Westport. Konrad is responsible for all aspects of operations for the Westport heavy-duty truck business including manufacturing and aftermarket activities.

You can register with Westport for the webinar Here.  For more information check their website.

See the US Department of Energy’s AFDC website here to read about the benefits of natural gas as an alternative fuel.

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