National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

Hydrogen Day

Today is National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day! In recognition of hydrogen’s atomic weight of 1.008, October 8 is the perfect day to celebrate as hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are being deployed nationwide. California’s investments in alternative fuel vehicles, like hydrogen fuel cell electric cars, are fueling the state’s economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These zero-emission vehicles contribute to cleaner air and are hitting the roads now with numbers expecting to increase. National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day aims to help raise awareness of this abundant source of fuel that is cleaner and more efficient than petroleum.

Learn more about these vehicles and the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles through efforts of the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP). For additional information on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, read the details of the California Energy Commission’s News Release.

Visit a list of events and downloadable resources.

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