Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation Training

The California Air Resources Board will be hosting a webinar where they will provide information about the Advanced Clean Fleets regulation:

This free online training is open to the public and will provide an overview of the ACF regulation, cover who is affected, and outline the upcoming compliance requirements. The focus of the webinar will be solely on the ACF regulation.


To meet California’s health-based air quality standards and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, the trucks and buses operated in the state and the fuel they use must be transformed away from petroleum. California is working to meet the Governor’s goal of one hundred percent zero-emission transportation where feasible by 2045.

The ACF regulation applies to fleets performing drayage operations, those owned by State, local, and federal government agencies, and high priority fleets. High priority fleets are entities that own, operate, or direct at least one vehicle in California, and that have either $50 million or more in gross annual revenues, or that own, operate, or have common ownership or control of a total of 50 or more vehicles (excluding light-duty package delivery vehicles). The regulation affects medium- and heavy-duty on-road vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 8,500 pounds, off-road yard tractors, and light-duty mail and package delivery vehicles.

More information and registration information is available on the California Air Resources Board’s event page.

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