July 8, 2013

Consumer Resources

Are you interested in purchasing or leasing an alternative fuel vehicle? The links on this page will lead you to some of the best resources and sites on the web to help you get the information you need.

Links for Consumers


Learn more about Alternative Fuel Vehicles here.

cc2013 vehicle buyers

The Clean Cities’ 2013 Vehicle Buyer’s Guide

The 2014 Clean Cities Vehicle Buyer's Guide

The Clean Cities’ 2014 Vehicle Buyer’s Guide










2 thoughts on “Consumer Resources

  • Given the plunge in oil prices to start 2015, I have to believe that alternative fuels (bio, e85, hybrids, battery, solar, etc) are all dropping off the radar in terms of focus and funding. Oil won’t stay cheap forever, but if prices stay low for awhile, like a year or so, R&D on alt fuels and battery technology will be limited unfortunately.

  • You are correct that funding of Natural gas technology for Heavy Duty vehicles did fall off, but now that the need for extended range of PHEV Heavy Duty trucks using biogas has been seen as the lowest emissions of GHG possible (actually less GHG than electricity currently), the combined technology is gaining momentum as a “near zero” emissions pathway.

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