Lawn Mower Trade-in: May 1st

County of San Diego:

Cut down on pollution while cutting your grass.  It’s possible by switching to the right mower, and this Saturday is a great chance to make the move.

The 11th Annual Lawn Mower Trade- in Event is scheduled for May 1, 2010 in the north parking lot of the County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway.  County residents who drop off their gas-powered mower will be able to purchase a Black & Decker cordless, battery-rechargeable mower, at a discounted price.

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“Save May 1st and join us in reducing air pollution by switching to an electric mower,” said County Supervisor Ron Roberts.  “You’ll get a great deal on the purchase of a new zero-emission, cordless electric lawnmower and you will be doing your part to ensure we have clean air to breathe and are reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

By participating in this event, you can eliminate the air pollution from your gas-powered lawn mower, which emits as much air pollution in one hour as driving a car 200 miles.

“In the last decade we have provided 4,395 mowers and eliminated more than 150 tons of air pollution – equivalent to taking 175,800 automobiles off the road,” Supervisor Roberts said.


  • Photo I.D. and proof of San Diego County residency (includes cities and unincorporated area).
    (Any of the following: California Driver License, state-issued Identification Card, passport, utility bill, or your personal check that shows your local address.)
  • One (1) lawn mower per household, oil and gas emptied from tank prior to arrival.
    (To recycle your oil, call Waste Management at 619-596-5100 or 760-439-2824 or City of San Diego Environmental Services 858-492-5060.)
  • Lawn mower must be in proper working condition and have all appropriate parts attached.
    (Lawn mower will be inspected, and fuel will be available in the event it is necessary to verify that your mower is in working condition.)
  • $99.99
    (Cash or credit card with proper I.D.)


The North parking lot will be made available to participants, using the driveway on Pacific Highway to enter. Participants may also park in the South parking lot. Parking in the North lot and half of the South lot will be free; however, the other half of the South lot is paid parking run by Ace Parking. Metered parking is also available in the surrounding area. (Meter requirements on Saturdays begin at 8 a.m.)

Note to Participants

  • There is a limited number of lawn mowers that will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.  (We suggest participants arrive earlier than the 8 a.m. start time. Feel free to bring a lawn chair for your comfort while in line.)
  • One lawnmower per person.
  • The “Start Line” will begin at the East driveway of the North parking lot on Pacific Highway.
  • Important: Please do not leave your mower unattended until you have received your Participant Number. You must be in line with your old mower before a number can be given. A number cannot be given to a fellow participant holding your place in line or keeping an eye on your mower for you.

Lawn Mower Information

We will be distributing a Black & Decker 24 volt cordless mulching lawn mower (Model CMM1200).  The rechargeable battery operates the mower for about 1-hour. The unit comes with a 2-year factory warranty. For more specifications, visit the Black and Decker website.

For more information, call (858) 586-2707

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