Propane Fueling Infrastructure Underway in San Diego

On November 30, 2010, the San Diego Regional Clean Fuels Coalition hosted a Clean Start event at the CCSE. Over 35 fleet managers and alternative fuel enthusiasts attended the workshop to learn about propane fueling options, fleet conversions and the fueling infrastructure currently being developed in the region.

Here are some highlights from the speaker, Jon Van Bogart, from CleanFuelUSA:

  • Propane is an national focus for alternative fuels because its carbon footprint is smaller than petroleum and diesel, it exists everywhere, is easily transportable, and large propane storage facilities already exist around the U.S.
  • Propane received a lot of Federal Stimulus money.
  • There are ~200 propane fueling stations nationwide. Thirteen are currently in CA. Ten million vehicles run on propane in the U.S.
  • Ten new stations will be coming to San Diego (the majority will be public access although some school districts may be eligible for a private site.) Expo Propane will be installing the stations locally.
  • There will be free training for CNG and Propane at service centers (to be determined) for one year. These service centers will include free classes to educate and certify technicians.
  • Propane qualifies for all federal and state rebates that are based on weight/class.
  • CA State incentives are available through CARB and CEC.  The CEC AB-118 Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program has vehicle buydown incentives for all the fuels and technologies including propane.  Propane has $2M in the 2009-2010 FY, and $3M in the 2010-2011 FY investment plans. The Executive Summary for the 2010-2011 Investment plan showing funding allocations:
  • Propane is now less expensive than diesel on a cost per mile basis ($.16 for propane vs. $.22 for diesel fuel)
  • Propane is projected to grow from 8% of all U.S. motor fuel consumption to 20% in the next 10-15 years.

5 thoughts on “Propane Fueling Infrastructure Underway in San Diego

  • Where can I find out about home refueling equipment for CNG vehicles? (Honda had made these in Canada, but for some reason closed it). Some states allow private vehicles to refuel at all the CNG stations, but in Ca. many stations will not allow private vehicles to refuel there. I’m assuming someone?? does not want it to be convenient to refuel one’s CNG vehicle in spite of the Govt rebates and incentives to drive one.

    How can we join together to get home refueling equipment and to have the state open more refueling stations to the public??

  • It was quite expensive, and I didn’t notice any rebates or tax incentives, though I see in what you sent me today that there are tax incentives (maybe only to companies and fleets?? Is there anything for passenger vehicles? Any incentives for adding a propane or NG tank to a gas powered RV?
    I notice that Ford makes bifuel— propane and gas, vehicles for Brazil. That is all the Brazilians drive. What is the matter with our American auto makers? Why don’t they make passenger bifuel cars here, as they do in other countries????

  • Propane is a different fuel than CNG, although it has some of the same advantages, it is cheaper than gasoline, burns cleaner, and is domestical sourced.

    Propane can be stored at lower pressure than CNG, so the stations are generally less costly to build. However like any fueling station they have to go through an extensive permitting process.

    The newest public CNG station should be opening in early summer 2012 just north of the Linbergh Field

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