San Diego – Major Contributor to the EV Project

San Diego EV owners participating in the EV Project have racked up nearly 11 million project miles.  The EV Project started in October 2009 stemming from a U.S. Department of Energy grant that was awarded to ECOtality.  Since then the project has continued to grow in participants and locations.  San Diego was among the first cities included in the project with the most recent additions to the project being Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Being a Leaf owner and participant in this project, I have been following the statistics and project analysis.  The EV Project recently released its 4th Qtr 2012 results and San Diego is a significant contributor to this project.  San Diego has the largest number of EV Smart Electric Cars (Car2Go) participating in the project, the second largest number of vehicles (1,187), and contributed 17.5% of the EV miles driven in the project.

ev project

There are other interesting facts and reports the EV Project is posting for public consumption.  Here are a few more from the 4th Quarter report:

  • Over 1.6 million charging events recorded to date
  • Over 14,100 Megawatt hours of energy delivered to EV Project vehicles to date
  • Over 1.9 million gallons of gasoline avoided by EV Project vehicles to date
  • 6,694 residential EVSE installed
  • 2,583 commercial (publicly available, workplace, and fleet) EVSE installed
  • 56 DC Fast Chargers installed

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