TransPower Receives Grant from Valley Air District

Transpower, headquartered in Poway, is building an electric yard tractor that will replace diesel tractors used by IKEA at its distribution center in Tejon, CA.  These yard tractors are used to move trailers around the distribution facility in support of asset management and dispatch operations. TransPower’s electric tractor project is one of nine projects recently[…]

EPA Automotive Trends Report 2012

The EPA recently released its 2012 report on light duty automotive technology, CO2 emissions, and fuel efficiency.  New to the report this year, due to the ever increasing selection of EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs, is Section VIII titled Alternative Fuel Vehicle Trends.  In addition to this section, the report covered several interesting topics related to[…]

Betting on Battery Breakthroughs

The demand for new battery technology for EVs and large scale power storage is driving investment and entrepreneurs into battery technology and development.  There are several new start-ups working on new battery chemistry, nanotechnology, and high density structures for EVs and the grid.  Several of these new startups are receiving grant funding from the DOE[…]

America’s Natural Gas Highway

Soon, trucks powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) will travel on America’s natural gas highway.  Clean Energy Fuels is building an LNG fueling infrastructure to enable a cleaner distribution and trucking industry for America.  LNG is a cleaner fuel for heavy-duty trucks with a lower specific carbon content, lower CO2 emissions, and lower soot emissions[…]