TransPower Receives Grant from Valley Air District

Transpower, headquartered in Poway, is building an electric yard tractor that will replace diesel tractors used by IKEA at its distribution center in Tejon, CA.  These yard tractors are used to move trailers around the distribution facility in support of asset management and dispatch operations.

TransPower’s electric tractor project is one of nine projects recently selected and funded by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVUAPCD).  These nine top project proposals were selected from a field of 40 competitors seeking funding from the SJVUAPCD.

TransPower’s innovative use of onboard inverter charger units accelerate battery charging and make it possible to use electric yard tractors in a high unitization environment like IKEA’s distribution center.  There is very little down time for these yard tractors, so having a faster charging cycle keeps the tractors in operation more hours of the day making them a viable substitute for diesel.

For more information about TransPower and its clean transportation projects checkout their website.

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