Lawnmower Trade-in Event

Give your old, gasoline-using lawnmowers to the County and get a new and improved model for free.

On Saturday May 11, the County of San Diego is hosting its 14th Annual Lawnmower Trade-in Event. Starting at 8:00AM, San Diego County residents can get their old lawnmowers replaced by a new electric-powered Black & Decker mower.

To be qualified, your lawnmower must be in working condition, still contain all its parts, and have had all its oil and gas emptied out (for oil and gas recycling, visit Waste Free SD). Also, there is only one trade-in allowed per house hold and you must bring your photo ID along with proof of your San Diego County residency.

Gates will open as early as 4:30AM to line up for the event. Supplies are limited and lawnmowers are given on a first-come first-served basis so feel free to take a lawn chair and a book to wait in line.

More information (and a helpful map) can be found here.

Event Location: Qualcomm Stadium
9449 Friars Road, San Diego, CA

Time: 8:00AM (gates open at 4:30 AM)

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