Propane Autogas Event Recap

Last Tuesday’s Propane Autogas event saw more than 30 fleet managers, drivers, and propane autogas professionals come together to discuss the benefits of this alternative transportation fuel. (Presentation materials available below.)

The main message:  propane autogas vehicles have proven performance records, can save fleet operators money, and are available now.

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Steve Moore from Expo Propane talks about San Diego infrastructure

Guest speakers Eric Bates (ROUSH CleanTECH), Jon Van Bogart (CleanFUEL USA), and Steve Moore (Expo Propane) spoke about the wide variety of vehicles available, the benefits of autogas, and the increasing reach of infrastructure in the San Diego region (click here for autogas fuel stations in San Diego).

Group discussion about the wide availability of propane ready vehicles.

Group discussion about the wide availability of propane ready vehicles.

Many fleets have already deployed propane autogas vehicles around the country.  DHL has 20 vans in San Diego, Super Shuttle operates 75 vans in Phoenix, and many school districts are using propane to fuel their buses.

Concerns about the ability to refuel were also discussed.  Steve Moore noted that Expo Propane has five 24 hour stations in the county and that many other stations were available for daytime fueling.  The option of private fueling at a fleet’s yard was also discussed as a convenient, relatively low cost solution.

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Guests listen to presentations about propane autogas.

Overall, the event was full of good discussion and helpful information.  Fleets and shuttle operators interested in incorporating propane autogas vehicles have many resources to help them make the move.  CCSE and the San Diego Clean Cities Coalition; the automakers; the fuel providers; and auto dealers all stand ready to answer more questions and facilitate the move to propane.

Some of the presentations at the event are linked below:

SDRCCC Propane Event Presentation  – Kevin Wood

Roush CleanTech Presentation – Eric Bates

Expo Propane San Diego County Fuel Substation Map  – Steve Moore


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