Natural Gas 201: Informational Webinar

On July 10, 2014, Westport and Clean Energy Fuels will be teaming up to provide part two of their free informational webinar series for fleet operators.  This webinar, titled “Natural Gas 201: Delivering Options,” will build on the basics of natural gas for transportation in order to provide more information on building a fleet with the alternative fuel. This webinar will be useful for fleet managers who are interested in learning more about fueling their fleets with natural gas.

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In this free webinar, the second in the series of webinars from Westport and Clean Energy Fuels, you’ll learn about:

    • Vehicle packages and financing options
    • Leveraging incentives to accelerate returns
    • Local dealer and service infrastructure
    • Maintenance considerations
    • Sample fleet payback scenarios
    • Fleet operator reference case
    • Simple payback calculation

To participate register here.

If you missed the first webinar in the series, “Natural Gas 101: Delivering Savings,” you can listen and view it online here.

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