Transpower Develops CNG E-Hybrid Modifications

San Diego-based TransPower develops power control and vehicle conversion technology to improve efficiency and reduce fossil fuel consumption. A main goal for TransPower is to optimize the performance of the engine.

TransPower’s CNG hybrid work has recently received support from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and the California Energy Commission (CEC).

Leveraging funding from SCAQMD and the CEC, Tanspower is developing two variants of a battery-dominant Class 8 Plug-in truck with a 3.7 liter compressed natural gas as a range extender.  One vehicle will be used to perfect the vehicle’s CNG-fueled genset through reconciling control of the engine with drive cycle needs. The second vehicle will be outfitted as a plug-in hybrid with equipment to draw power from overhead catenary lines.   This vehicle is being tested as part of a project with the SQAQMD and Siemens.

Picture it with a back-of-cab CNG array.

For more information on TransPower’s CNG E-Hybrid work read the lasted article from Fleet&Fuels.

Check out TransPower’s Website to get details on their products such as the battery-electric drive system.

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