San Diego Alternative Fuels Education Day Gave Public Peek at New Vehicles

NISSAN LEAF AT UCSDHere’s a recap of some of the media coverages before and after San Diego Clean Fuels Coalition’s San Diego Alternative Fuels Education Day on Saturday November 21, 2009.

KPBS, Nov 21, 2009: San Diego Alternative Fuels Education Day – Alternative Fuels event offers public peek at new vehicles. “The event includes presentations by representatives of Nissan, E-Tec, SDG&E, and others who are helping to transform the San Diego region into the country’s leading zone for clean vehicles. Actual vehicles such as the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt, the Anyev, and others will be on display.”

San Diego Metropolitan Magazine, Nov 4, 2009: Get A Peek At Alternative Fueled Vehicles. “The San Diego Alternative Fuels Education Day is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Town & Country Resort and Convention Center on Fashion Valley Road. The free event marks the first time that all mass-market electric vehicles will be displayed together in one place, along with the electric charger vendors who will be part of a more than $100 million infrastructure investment in the San Diego region starting next year.”

Fox 5 News: Is the Nissan Leaf taking over the Aptera? Nov 20, 2009

San Diego News Network (SDNN), Nov 21, 2009: Electric car makers battle for consumers in San Diego. “Nissan, General Motors, Tesla, Mitsubishi and Honda are displaying test models, some of which will hit the mass market in 2010.”

SignOn San Diego (San Diego Union-Tribune,) Nov 19, 2009: SDG&E, politicians turn over new Leaf. “Nissan, San Diego Gas & Electric and local politicians Thursday showed off the Leaf, a car they hope will make a dent in the effort to wean the nation from fossil fuels and cut down on greenhouse-gas emissions. A five-seat hatchback — this model was a light green — the car is designed to travel about 100 miles between charges and cost about the same as comparable gasoline cars.” SDG&E, Nissan Unveil Zero-Emission, All-Electric Vehicle. “As part of its commitment to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 15 percent from its vehicle fleet by 2012, SDG&E will be adding 15 Nissan new zero-emission electric vehicles to the utility’s current fleet of 200 alternative-fuel vehicles. “As the region becomes a pioneer launch site for these advanced vehicles and the charging infrastructure, San Diego will continue on its course to become ‘plug-in ready’ and a national center for clean technology, fostering less dependence on fossil fuels, new ‘green’ jobs and a healthier environment,” said Debra L. Reed, president and chief executive officer of SDG&E., Nov 19, 2009: SDG&E, Nissan Unveil Zero-Emission, All-Electric Vehicle in San Diego Electric Vehicle Charger Showcased as San Diego Gets ‘Plug In’ Ready. “In August, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded $99.8 million to Electric Transportation Engineering Corp : (eTec), a wholly owned subsidiary of ECOtality, Inc. : (OTCBB: ETLY), to implement an ambitious transportation electrification project in five markets, including San Diego. The California Energy Commission : also awarded eTec $8 million to support the infrastructure deployment in San Diego. With the two grants, eTec, with support from SDG&E and others, will deploy up to 2,250 charging stations, helping to position the San Diego region as the nationwide leader in electric vehicle infrastructure.”

SignOn San Diego (San Diego Union-Tribune) Nov 20, 2009: Batteries not included – Buyers of Nissan’s Leaf electric vehicle will lease power pack. “The new Leaf electric car Nissan unveiled yesterday at San Diego Gas & Electric Co. headquarters will not include batteries in the sale price. Drivers instead will lease them, and pay for them in part with the money they save by not having to buy gasoline. The strategy is designed to overcome one of the biggest roadblocks to getting electric cars in people’s garages — the high cost of batteries — and also deal with the fact that the batteries may outlast the cars.” Forums, Nov 13, 2009: The Chevy Volt in the Solar City. “Eco Investment Club has been chosen to premiere the Chevrolet Volt in San Diego at a special, event featuring the pre-production version of Chevy’s extended-range electric vehicle. This marks San Diego’s first look at the highly anticipated Chevy Volt. Chevy’s Western Region Environment & Energy Specialist Shad Balch will be available for interviews about the Chevy Volt, which is scheduled to go into production in less than a year.”, Nov 15, 2009: All electric Nissan Leaf in San Diego November 21st. “Sometimes it pays to be an early adapter [sic]. In August the U.S. Department of Energy announced a grant of $99.8 million to implement the largest transportation electrification project in U.S. history. San Diego was one of only five cities selected. One thousand Nissan Leafs will be deployed in San Diego market. The San Diego Nissan Leaf early adapters [sic] will receive the FREE use of a residential charging station. SDG&E will track, monitor and evaluate.”, Nov 19, 2009: Nissan unveils electric vehicle at SDG&E headquarters. “The first 1,000 Nissan Leaf vehicles, which produce no emissions, will be delivered to fleet operators and select members of the public late next year and hit showrooms in 2012, according to SDG&E. The utility has partnered with with Nissan to make San Diego County one of the nation’s first “plug-in” ready regions capable of supporting all-electric vehicles.”

Wall Street Journal, Nov 19, 2009: SDG&E, Nissan Unveil Zero-Emission, All-Electric Vehicle in San Diego. “The Nissan LEAF and several styles of electric vehicle charge units will be on display at the San Diego Alternative Fuels Education Day November 21 at the Towne and Country Resort and Convention Center, which is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.”

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