Innovative Honda Film: Never Ending Race

Honda has released an exciting series of Environmental Short Films, designed to increase consumer awareness of harmful environmental impacts, and portrays Honda’s innovative technology to mitigate their adverse environmental impacts. The Environmental Short Film series depicts environmental initiatives put forth by Honda employees and associates that challenge norms and aim to reduce their environmental impact[…]

UC San Diego’s Fleet Services – Pushing for Sustainable Solutions in Vehicle Operations

I had a chance to visit with Jim Ruby, Manager of Fleet Services, and Greg Nishihira, Business Manager of Fleet Services at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD.) We talked about fleet operations at UCSD that support numerous university functions and the many programs that Jim and Greg are spearheading to achieve sustainable transportation for the school. Here is part 1 of our conversation, with Fleet Services photos showing electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles in action in and around the UCSD campus.