Interested in learning about All-New Natural Gas Vehicles?

Are you interested in converting to a natural gas vehicle or interested in learning more about the process? The Southern California Gas Company has created a new series of online informational videos on natural gas vehicles (NGVs) that demonstrate how clean, abundant and affordable natural gas is. There are five videos that cover the fueling options, environmental, safety, operational cost benefits of NGVs. For a link to all five videos, click here.

Fun facts about Natural Gas Vehicles:

• NGVs  are some of the cleanest vehicles available commercially today. They produce 20-30% less greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel powered vehicles.

• Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning alternative fuels available today. NGVs can reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and reactive hydrocarbons (which form ground-level ozone, the main contributing ingredient in smog), by as much as 95%.

• The sound pressure level of a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engine is lower than that of a diesel engine. Thus NGVs are a good option for those driving in densely populated areas or for vehicles operating at night.

• If you are considering buying a NGV for personal use or using NGVs within your fleet, you may qualify for tax credits, grants, incentives, or other funding opportunities. In fact, for fleets, grants may be available to help offset the purchase price of new NGVs or help fund the construction of a fueling station. For personal use, grants can help offset the cost of vehicles as well as the price or lease cost of home refueling units.

Introduction to Natural Gas Vehicles

For more information on Natural Gas Vehicles, visit the Southern California Gas Company website.

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