Innovative Honda Film: Never Ending Race

Honda has released an exciting series of Environmental Short Films, designed to increase consumer awareness of harmful environmental impacts, and portrays Honda’s innovative technology to mitigate their adverse environmental impacts. The Environmental Short Film series depicts environmental initiatives put forth by Honda employees and associates that challenge norms and aim to reduce their environmental impact and ┬ácontribute to creating a sustainable future for all.

In the most recent short, titled Never Ending Race, a group of Honda automobile engineers secretly worked to develop an engine technology that would significantly reduce pollution from automobiles. Their success in reducing vehicle emissions led the state of California to implement more stringent exhaust emissions standards as a result. Subsequently, this revolutionary technology transformed the automobile industry’s approach on emission controls and today, the levels of smog-forming emissions are one-thousandth of 1970 levels.

To view previous Honda shorts in this series, click here. More Honda shorts will be released throughout the year, check back for updates.

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