Spotlight on Biofuels

The Clean Cites Collation held an event highlighting biofuels on Tuesday February 11 at the Chula Vista Police Department Community Room. Over 30 fleet managers, fuel providers, drivers, and students were present to learn and discuss the benefits of biofuels, in particular ethanol and biodiesel.

Guest speakers Jorge Parra (Propel Fuels), Andy Christman (New Leaf Biofuel) and Michael Lengyel (City of Chula Vista) spoke about fuel production, infrastructure, vehicle compatibility and fleet implementation.

Many public and private fleets are currently using either ethanol or biodiesel in their vehicles such as many towing fleets, USPS and Caltrans.  The regional infrastructure needs were discussed and speakers gave suggestions for implementing onsite fueling stations.  In addition, public infrastructure has increased in 2013 with Propel’s establishment of new biofuel pumps in Oceanside, San Marcos and Kearny Mesa.

Jorge Parra from Propel Fuels talks about San Diego infrastructure.

Jorge Parra from Propel Fuels talks about San Diego infrastructure.

The event presentations are linked below:

Clean Cities Introduction– Kevin Wood

Biodiesel Today: New Leaf Biofuel– Andy Christman

Infrastructure & Fleet Implementation: Propel Fuels – Jorge Parra

Fleet Perspective: City of Chula Vista– Michael Lengyel


In summary, some main benefits of biofuels:

–          Renewable fuel made from agriculture products. Ethanol is produced from corn and sugar crops while biodiesel is made from recycled oils & fats

–          Can be used in existing vehicles

–          Domestically produced

–          Reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) & tailpipe emissions

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