April 24, 2013


  • Wed
    1:00 pm

    The San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition (SDRCCC) is looking forward to our upcoming Hydrogen and Biofuel Station Deployment, Development, and Permitting Listening Session with you.  Your feedback is pivotal to informing the Department of Energy (DOE) on future needs in the clean energy space. The goal of this session is to gather feedback for the DOE from experts in the field to identify areas that need additional research and funding in the coming years.  We’re excited to hear from experts in the field that will be attending to identify specific pain points and shortcomings in order to help inform future outreach and research needs.


    We will discuss the following topics:

    • Deployment
    • Development
    • Permitting
  • Wed
    1:00 pm

    The San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition has partnered with Highland Electric to present a webinar on electrifying school bus fleets. Our presenter Jane Culkin the Western Regional Manager in Market Development for Highland Electric will provide valuable information on fleet electrification.


    Highland Electric is a company that has worked to electrify the school bussing system. Through the means of a subscription model, Highland Electric has allowed school districts in Vermont and Massachusetts to greatly reduce their carbon footprint while cutting costs by switching their traditional gasoline busses to electric ones. Highland also works with Clean Cities organizations to educate fleet managers on electrification and cost reduction.

  • Tue
    1:00 pm

    The San Diego Clean Cities Coalition has partnered with the California Dealer Network to host an office hours session on August 23rd from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. Dealerships are welcome to drop in at any time during the session, with training taking a dealership only 15 minutes.

    Joining gives dealerships access to benefits such as:

      Being listed on the Certified EV Dealer Map, which had 3500+ page views/day


      Lead Generation - customers will be directed to your dealership after seeing it on the EV Dealer Map


      Receiving the CDN Dealer Content Kit

      Dealership Promotion

    If you have any questions, you can reach out to myself at mehul.kamran@energycenter.org

    Join here.

  • Thu
    1:00 pm
    Learn about the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program and how your organization can take advantage of its own sustainability initiatives. Our presentation is hosted by the San Diego Clean Cities Coalition, featuring Carrie Tischler from the Center for Sustainable Energy as our keynote speaker.

    About our presenter:
    As Manager, Dealerships/Fleet, Carrie leads a wide range of stakeholder engagement and education efforts to promote program knowledge and participation in electric vehicle programs that CSE administers. Before joining CSE Carrie played an integral role in the creation of the Clean Transportation department at her previous company 3 Phases Renewables that specialized in LCFS. There she not only handled all on onboarding, training, and reporting for the LCFS department, but also managed all LCFS accounts. She filed the very first EV direct pathway with CARB, and Facilitated signing, onboarding and managing 3 Phases’ first City owned utility company with collection of residential LCFS credits. She has an extensive knowledge on all CARB rules and regulations relating to the LCFS program, and developed closing working relationships with high level CARB LCFS employees. Carrie also holds an MBA in Energy and Sustainability systems from Franklin Pierce University.

    Register here.