Innovative Honda Film: Never Ending Race

Honda has released an exciting series of Environmental Short Films, designed to increase consumer awareness of harmful environmental impacts, and portrays Honda’s innovative technology to mitigate their adverse environmental impacts. The Environmental Short Film series depicts environmental initiatives put forth by Honda employees and associates that challenge norms and aim to reduce their environmental impact[…]

Natural Gas Vehicle Funding Opportunty

The California Energy Commission’s NGV Buydown Program is available to buyers of CNG Vehicles who purchase CNG vehicles from authorized dealerships.  Funding will be allocated to eligible dealerships shortly and customers can have their dealer submit an application for grant funding between the February 28, 2014 and May 1, 2014.  Buyers are advised to submit[…]

Spotlight on Biofuels

The Clean Cites Collation held an event highlighting biofuels on Tuesday February 11 at the Chula Vista Police Department Community Room. Over 30 fleet managers, fuel providers, drivers, and students were present to learn and discuss the benefits of biofuels, in particular ethanol and biodiesel. Guest speakers Jorge Parra (Propel Fuels), Andy Christman (New Leaf Biofuel)[…]

Clean Cities Biofuels Event- Tuesday February 11

Biofuels in the San Diego Region Learn more about this growing transportation alternative! Biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel are cleaner burning fuels processed from plant material or waste grease. Come join the San Diego Clean Cities Coalition to learn about how biofuels have lower emissions, can run your existing vehicles and easily be integrated[…]