CALSTART Webinar- hosted by XL Hybrid

Calstart is hosting a webinar on the benefits of electric hybrid technology on Thursday, April 17th. Ever wonder how to tell the difference between electric hybrid vehicles? Want to know how to best select the vehicle that is right for your needs? Contrary to popular belief, not all electric hybrid vehicles are the same. This[…]

Hot off the press! Fuel Fix Ezine Spring 2014 edition released!

                    Read all about the work of Clean Cities Coalitions across the country in this Spring 2014 edition of Fuel Fix ezine. Featured in this edition are Coalitions working in Centralina, Empire, Genesee, Lone Star, Twin Cities, Middle TN, and West VA. Moreover, read about the[…]

National Plug-In Day Recap

This past Saturday, San Diego celebrated National Plug-In Day 2013 at Liberty Station. It was a beautiful day in Point Loma for electric vehicle owners and interested individuals alike to gather and marvel at new upcoming electric vehicle technology and test-drive new car models. To the left side of the fair, companies such as Nissan[…]

EPA Automotive Trends Report 2012

The EPA recently released its 2012 report on light duty automotive technology, CO2 emissions, and fuel efficiency.  New to the report this year, due to the ever increasing selection of EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs, is Section VIII titled Alternative Fuel Vehicle Trends.  In addition to this section, the report covered several interesting topics related to[…]

Odyssey Day Event on October 23, 2012

San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition is hosting an event, known as Odyssey Day, in conjunction with the California Center for Sustainable Energy  on October 23, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Our local Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Day Odyssey will be one of many events held across the country to showcase cleaner, more[…]

Test Driving the Prius Plug-In Hybrid

I’ve been test driving a Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) slated for release in early 2012…I’ve been mostly driving around town (75% local roads, 25% highway) using EV mode for~50% of the driving and hybrid mode for the other half. I have been averaging 97 miles per gallon. Note: I received complimentary use of[…]

2010 San Diego Clean Cities Progress Report

The 2010 San Diego Clean Fuels Coalition Survey is currently underway, we are gathering data regarding many organization’s alternative fuel/advanced technology fleets in order to complete our 2010 annual report for the Department of Energy (DOE) Clean Cities Program. The DOE uses this data to report to Congress, as required by the Energy Policy Act,[…]

Grid-Scale Energy Storage and Renewables Integration

STORAGE WEEK 2010: The Premier International Networking Hub for Grid-Scale Energy Storage and Renewables Integration July 12-15, 2010 | Rancho Bernardo Inn | San Diego, CA Four Integrated Events  Exploring  the  Accelerating Opportunities in Energy  Storage! Four Meetings in One Week  Covering  All Aspects  of a Game-Changing Set of Technologies & Applications Worth  Billions  in Future Market Share #1.[…]

EarthDay Clean Fuel Vehicle Showcases

San Diego EarthWorks will be presenting their annual Earth Fair on Sunday April 18th at Balboa Park from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Clean Fuel Coalition and San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership will be in attendance on the west side of the Cleaner Car Concourse. There will be information on various clean fuel organizations[…]